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Fists in Solidarity

The Full Story


Barton Community Church started life in June 2010 with a barbecue and bike workshop, which became a regular feature of life in the community. Sunday@4, as it became known, has now grown into a weekly expression of Church that meets in Barton Neighbourhood Centre, with around 40 people from all ages and backgrounds attending on any given Sunday.

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Barton Community Church seeks to be authentic community bringing hope to the heart of Barton through making Jesus known. We’re a diverse community of around 40 people who call Barton ‘home’ – some who’ve lived here all their lives and others who’ve moved onto the estate to be a part of this community.

As a church, we’ve been here since 2010 joining in with what God is doing in this estate. We were set up by Headington Baptist Church and continue to be part of that church. Come and meet our church family and say hello and you’ll feel welcome and – if you time it right – enjoy some food with us. You’d be welcome anytime.
So, come and visit on a Sunday or get in touch using the details at the bottom.



The doors open at 3:45pm for refreshments and conversation. We worship together before the kids are taken out to creche and Sunday School.

Once a month we fellowship and eat together for free. yes you heard it correct for free.

Barton Community Church seeks ‘to be an authentic community bringing hope to the heart of Barton through making Jesus known

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