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We’re Matt and Charlotte, we love welcoming everyone to experience the love of Jesus in a community that is full of joy and hope.

Barton Community Church began in partnership with the local community, and we’ve carried on that way ever since.


We believe that the church is a community of people living out the values of Jesus’ Kingdom together on a journey called ‘discipleship’. As we journey together we invite everyone in our community to join us in experiencing, exploring and expressing the love of Jesus. This journey is inspired by the Holy Spirit, rooted in the Bible and defined by grace.

If you're new

 to BCC you're very welcome! We welcome everyone, whether you see yourself as a Christian, someone who is looking, or you're just interested about what we do.

  • We meet every afternoon for church called Sunday @4 

  • We meet in small groups called connect here in Barton

  • We run outreach activities for the community throughout the week

  • We serve Barton many of us live here

  • we'd love to get to know you better and see how we can support you in your journey of faith.

  • Talk to our welcome team on Sunday afternoons . They can signpost you to other people, courses or resources, or get one of the church staff to talk with you.

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